The Theatrical film “Patio of Illusion” receives 5 nominations at the 2021 Lonely Wolf: London International Film Festival

The Theatrical film “Patio of Illusion” receives 5 nominations at the 2021 Lonely Wolf: London International Film Festival

London — On August 8th, 2021, the Lonely Wolf: London International Film Festival, headed by well-known filmmaker Adrian Perez, announced it’s final result online. As of now, the online film festival has an audience metric of 3,337 people participating and 9,199 film streams. Among the listed films, “Patio of Illusion” received a total of five nominations, and ranked second among the most watched films by viewers.

Patio of Illusion

It was nominated for Best Feature Film, Best Romantic Film, Outstanding Cinematography Achievement Award, Best Original Soundtrack and Best Costume Design and is listed a semi-finalist for Best Foreign Language Film. Since the film was shot with RED 8K Full Frame Ultra High-Definition technology, it was selected for the Virtual Cinema Program of the film festival.

The Lonely Wolf: London International Film Festival was founded by Adrian Perez, an investor, producer, and award-winning actor based in London. Adrian used to work at the Walt Disney Company and was responsible for the regional marketing and asset management of Marvel and Star Wars series in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Patio of Illusion

He created the Lonely Wolf: London International Film Festival, a more modern and independent film festival platform, to meet the needs of today’s globalized society and film market environment. Focusing on outstanding independent film works in the industry, nearly 2,000 films from all over the world have participated in the festival each year since its inception. It has become an important platform for independent filmmakers to communicate and cooperate. The film festival receives a large amount of press as well as attracts a broad audience on top of media/film buyers, distributors, and industry investors.

In terms of art, the Lonely Wolf: London International Film Festival  attaches great importance in the internationalization and inclusiveness of the films it showcases. It welcomes filmmakers from all over the world to tell their rich and unique stories and perspectives, and encourages innovation in style and form.

From the perspective of an ordinary Macau family, “Patio of Illusion” interprets the definition of home in Eastern culture and language, against the background of a society undergoing significant social change in the past 20 years. It is an excellent Chinese-language drama feature and stood out amongst nearly 500 films in the festival, being one of the few Asian films nominated and one of the very few films that has received multiple nominations.

Director Shangshi Chen used to be a mainland Chinese singer with a high reputation in the music world. He’s been highly acknowledged by famous musicians such as Yip Sai Wing and David Zee Tao.

Because he couldn’t let go of his filmmaking dreams, he went to Hollywood for further study, during which he studied under Victoria Hochberg, two-time Emmy Awards winner for both writing and directing, who worked on “Sex and the City”. After returning from the U.S., director Shangshi Chen and Executive Producer Loi Man Keong immediately hit it off and began the preparation and production of “Patio of Illusion”.

“Patio of Illusion” is presented by Guangzhou 3C Toon co., produced and distributed by UTV Macau Media and Fusionart Pictures Inc. in Los Angeles. Shangshi Chen directed the film with a script written by Mengmeng Chen, provided with true-to-life character materials by Executive Producer Loi Man Keong, collaborating with Sunny Xiang as U.S. producer and distributor. It is a captivating family drama that explores social and economic issues that arose for young individuals during the 2000s in Macau.

In a quickly shifting social environment, our protagonist Ho Yi-Cheung, starring Eugene Tang (“Tian Tai Ai Qing”, “Xiong Di Ban”), loses himself, goes through twists and turns and eventually finds his original dreams and the definition of home. With the struggles of the characters, the film shows three contradictions in life: self and family, work and living, the ideal and the reality.

“Patio of Illusion” wins multiple international awards

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