Dr. Clayton Chau Awarded the 2021 Physician of the Year by the Orange County Medical Association

ORANGE- Chairman Andrew Do and Vice Chairman Doug Chaffee of the Orange County Board of Supervisors congratulate Dr. Clayton Chau, Orange County Health Officer and Director of the Orange County Health Care Agency (HCA), for being awarded the 2021 Physician of the Year by the Orange County Medical Association.

Dr. Chau has spearheaded Orange County’s robust and equitable COVID-19 response throughout the pandemic. His effective leadership on efforts to provide access to COVID-19 testing and vaccines has led our county to have among the best COVID-19 numbers in the State throughout this past year.

As the Director of HCA, Dr. Chau built his success upon a wealth of experience inside and outside of Orange County. Before his current position, Dr. Chau served as a member of HCA’s Behavioral Health Services team from 1999-2012 and as the Chief Clinical and Strategy Officer of Mind OC, a not-for-profit organization that prompted the advancement of Be Well OC.

Additionally, Dr. Chau served as the Regional Executive Medical Director of the Institute of Mental Health and Wellness in Southern California for Providence Health, the country’s third-largest health system. He was appointed by the 23rd U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services to be a member of the interdepartmental Serious Mental Illness Coordinating Committee. In his time as the Senior Medical Director of Health Services for Los Angeles Health Care Plan, he played an active role in the development of the Los Angeles County Whole Person Care Program.

Chairman Andrew Do and Vice Chairman Doug Chaffee recognize Dr. Chau for his integrity, excellence, compassion, and exceptional leadership throughout his career in public health. During these unprecedented times, Dr. Chau’s contribution to the residents of Orange County in fighting against the pandemic is especially commendable.