Shycocan Wins FDA, EU Approval to Neutralise Coronavirus

By Neil Foo

Kuala Lumpur — The capital city of Indonesia’s Covid-19 Pandemic is spiking again. On September 14th, Jakarta was again locked down for the second time to fight for the coronavirus disease!

Relying very much on the daily wage-based basis, the Indonesian economic situation is hit again, as a result, Indonesia’s stock market fell 5%.

My Indonesian partner has informed me 4 days in advance of the city lock-down announcement, in which he alerted me that our furniture retail chain stores in Jakarta will be hit again!

Rather than sitting still to wait for vaccine, I have been actively observing the measures around the world to counter this deadly virus which is so impactful to our daily life for almost a year since the discovery of the disease in end of 2019.

The Covid-19 disease outbreak has inspired efforts in various ways to combat the pandemic. From preventive sterilization, antibacterial equipment, vaccine development to drug treatment, we compete with time, new product ideas and old methods of new uses, endlessly.

Shycocan is a small drum shaped device that can be installed in any closed areas to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus, and disinfect the surfaces. Shycocan disables the virus’ capability to infect, by flooding electrons in closed areas.

De Scalene has received the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Union (EU) approvals to licence and manufacture its Scalene Hypercharge Corona Canon (Shycocan).

Bengaluru, India-based medical device maker said that the new Shycocan is a small drum shaped device that can be installed in offices, schools, malls, hotels, airports or any closed area to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus, and disinfect the surfaces.

Shycocan was designed by a team led by Rajah Vijay Kumar, who previously designed Cytotron, a machine to treat cancer without emitting harmful radiation.

Vijay Kumar was quoted by News18 as saying: “We have got clearance from the US FDA agency under an enforcement directive for Covid-19 health emergencies. For the European Union too, we have got the Conformite’ Europeene, or the certificate of conformity for which the Shycocan was put through nearly 26 tests – such as safety, efficacy, whether it has any harmful effects, whether it interferes with the working of other devices, or whether other devices deployed in any place would interfere with the performance of this device.”

Shycocan disables the virus’ capability to infect by flooding hypercharge electrons in the exposed areas, which attach to the SARS-CoV-2, through its spike protein (S-protein), to disable the infectivity of virus.

The lab studies, conducted in March 2020, demonstrated that Shycocan induced a 3.435 Log10 reduction in an EPA-approved phylogenetic surrogate, and reduced 99.9% S-protein infectivity.

In addition, the device is said to work effectively in closed spaces, spanning up to 1,000ft2 area or in places up to 10,000m3, including waiting rooms, offices, malls and other public areas.

Kumar was quoted by Financial Express as saying: “It will also be effective in congested places and will bring down transmission drastically. The virus gets neutralised even before it enters the human body. So an individual does not get infected. Since this is light we are talking about, the process is almost instantaneous.

With the capability of this device by flooding the electrons to disinfect the designated closed area, then we can create a “sterilised shopping malls”, “non-toxic schools” and other public places anti-epidemic disinfection measures concept. This will protect people’s safety, return to normal life, economic and trade activities as usual, especially to help to resume the hard-hit economic situation such as Indonesia!

While we are anxiously waiting for the vaccine for Coronavirus but it will take a while to pass through all kind of tests. Even soon to be available, it will take some time as years for the 8.5 billion people of the globe to be injected with the antibody vaccine.

The concept of “sterilised and disinfected public places” has to be always preserved and built, because 70 per cent of the people of the world are living in the densely populated cities.

Solved the new disease COVID-9 virus with vaccine, we do not know when the other unknown viruses floating in the air will come to haunt this tired earth again !