Sky Vision Insurance Agency Updates the Public on Its Efforts against Unfair Competition

Los Angeles — Following the recent articles “Against Unfair Competition – Sky Vision Insurance Agency Aggressively Defends Its Rights”, there has been an active development regarding the incident. According to Sky Vision Insurance Agency, the website that deliberately composed its article using false accusations and misleading contents has secretly deleted the article on Tuesday, September 1st, 2020.

George, the Vice President of the Sky Vision Insurance Agency, stated that, instead of being a legal and objective media, the owner of that specific website is actually an insurance agent. The website constructed and published an article with subjective and severely distorted title and contents on Saturday, August 22nd, 2020 at 9:08pm.

The article is suspected of intentionally misleading the public opinion and defaming the reputation of Sky Vision Insurance Agency.  And posting such an article constitutes unfair competitions based on false accusations, causing significant reputation damage as well as financial loss to Sky Vision Insurance Agency.

He mentioned that Sky Vision Insurance Agency has taken immediate legal actions towards the website with the intention of maintaining a fair and just business environment and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of all individual agents. The website removed the article on Tuesday night, September 1st, 2020.

Despite of the removal action, the negative impacts have already been done. The attorney representing the Agency has retained all evidences and will defend the company and the industry through legal procedures and methods.

He also emphasized that the United States is an upright society with integrated legal system, thus everyone should be held accountable to his or her own actions. The website issued a defamatory statement to viciously attack the number one insurance company and insurance agency using deliberately inaccurate contents and misleading messages, which described the insurance industry of the United States as a chaotic and disarranged marketplace.

Those behaviors undermine more than just the reputation of the Agency, but the interests and benefits of the entire community of life insurance agents, destructing the trust and faith clients put in the U.S. insurance industry. The ultimate victim here will be the entire American Life Insurance Industry and its future thriving development.

Also pointed out by George, as a well-known Life Insurance Agency led by the company’s CEO Tiffany Xu and primarily servicing the Chinese Community in the U.S., Sky Vision has been dedicated to not only providing the best products and services to clients, but also actively participating in various kinds of charitable activities, including, but not limited to, funding students scholarship and public school programs.

The compliments from our clients and the excellent reputation among the public were accumulated step by step through decades. Thus, while facing the malicious smear from competitors and unfair competition practices, the Sky Vision Insurance Agency will only solve the matter working alongside with the professional attorneys and through legal procedures.

“All employees and staff at Sky Vision Insurance Agency are truly grateful for the support and encouragement from everyone,” said George, “The agency will express its sincere appreciation by working diligently to provide even better services to the clients and by earning more honors to strike back those false accusations.”

Sky Vision is also encouraging everyone familiar with the incident to provide leads or evidences.  Together we could help maintain a fair and just business environment in the U.S.

To contact the legal department at Sky Vision Insurance Agency, please dial 626-287-7779.

The U.S. News Express will actively follow up on this matter and provide the most updated and detailed report to the public.

This English translation is for reference only. In any events that a conflict arises regarding the meaning herein, the original Chinese version shall prevail as the official authoritative version.

Against Unfair Competition – Sky Vision Insurance Agency Aggressively Defends Its Rights