Chinese American Community In South Bay Rallies Behind First Responders In Fighting Against COVID-19

By Staff Writer

Los Angeles — Families  from Chinese American Community in Palos Verdes and the Greater South Bay Area mobilize resources to support the fight against COVID 19.

Residents of Palos Verdes and the Greater South Bay Area  just completed a second donation drive yesterday, and donated 20,000 face masks, 4,000 medical grade gloves to the office of LA Councilman, Joe Buscaino’s office, who have quickly distributed the personal protective equipment (PPE) to  local police officers, fire fighters and first responders within an hour of receiving them.

Starting March 14th when the situation in Italy took a spiral downward turn evidenced by the number of confirmed cases and death, they have started sourcing PPEs in preparation for  local community’s needs. Due to the global shortage of medical protective supplies, it took them a week to finally secure 20 cartons of face masks locally.

The residents  immediately started a fundraising Campaign among families and friends. Within 24 hours, they reached the  goal of $22,000 for purchasing the masks.

However by the time they arrived at the supplier’s warehouse, only 12 cartons were left. The huge disparity between supply and demand has been their biggest obstacle on sourcing all types of PPEs.

They were just relieved that they were able to donate 20,000 face masks and 4,000 medical grade gloves to the Councilman’s office. And they were extremely pleased that their team of 5 came in 3 cars, on Thursday, March 26th, loaded the supplies and distributed them to local police officers and 13 fire stations all within 2 hours. Protecting  frontline officers and first responders are the goal for their relieve effort.

On Sunday, March 25th, they rallied up our first donation drive among Chinese American families, for PPE including face masks, gloves, and other disinfecting products and toilet paper, etc.  The medical grade N95 masks and all toilet paper and paper towel were donated to a community Hospital Long Beach,  a newly opened hospital designated to combat covid 19 virus. The rest of the donated items including 2,000 face masks, and disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer etc were donated to the Little Sisters of the Poor, a senior care center located in San Pedro.

The outpouring support from Chinese American community are heroic and heart-warming at the same time. Many donation of face masks came in DHL shipping bags, apparently received from their family and loved ones from overseas.

When many of the residents  are uncertain how and when the virus will be under control, they donated the personal protective equipment for someone else’s chance to live a healthy life. Many of the cleansing and disinfecting products are hardly available in store or online, not to mention the it’s an ordeal to go out and shop for food and supplies. But these families are willing to donate what they have and willing to inconvenience themselves in the near future for the more needed members of our society.

Mar 24-25. 24小时Collect cash donation (NPO International STEAM Education Association has been authorized to collect the money for face masks purchasing). Raised $22500.

Mar 26.  Donate 20000 face masks and 2900 gloves to LAFD and LAPD

Mar 27. Donate 4220 face masks, hand signifizier and disinfecting wipes/spray to PRV city hall and county sheriff Lomita Station

All the goods donation were drop off accepted only, avoid body contact, and volunteers tried to work at social distance and no big groups gathering.

Simone Mo, Maggie Wang, Mingli Wang, Jinghui Wang and Daphne Dai are the organizers of this donation campaign .