Matcha Village Debuts Peking Roasted Duck Pancake Series in Its Los Angeles Eatery

By Staff Reporter

Los Angeles—Matcha Village, a chic eatery known for natural and healthy beverage and light meals, added roasted duck pancake series to its menu, which is poised to attract more customers to its trendy location in Los Angeles.

Matcha Roasted Duck Pancakes (image credit: Keyang Pang)

The new series, a combination of Peking roasted duck and Western style pancake, maintains the taste of the traditional Peking duck to maximum extent while adjusted to fit the preference of local customers.  The restaurant attaches emphasis to each and every processing detail from equipment to ingredient selection, strictly following the traditional techniques.

Roasted duck processed with traditional techniques (image credit: Keyang Pang)

Matcha, fine powder of green tea leaves, can be dated back to Sui and Tang dynasties in China in sixth century.  Matcha products have become increasingly popular as a growing number of people pursue natural and green lifestyle.

Matcha Village is a brand under Matcha Village Catering Management (Beijing) Co. Ltd., a professional restaurant chain management company dedicated to promoting Chinese matcha culture and products around the world.

Delicate Matcha products (image credit: Keyang Pang)

Matcha Village opened its first overseas flagship location in Los Angeles in December 2019, and shot to fame thanks to its stylish design, friendly setting and delicate beverage and food.

The signature products of Matcha Village include Tender Cumin Lamb Crepe, Matcha Cream Cheesecake, Double Chocolate Matcha Cookie, Tiramisu Ice Dessert, Matcha Latte, and Szechuan Spicy Crawfish Crepe.

Tender Cumin Lamb Crepe (image credit: Keyang Pang)

Matcha Village is located at Sawtelle Neighborhood nicknamed Little Osaka.  The physical address is 2202 West Sawtelle Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90064.