Ontario International Airport Statement regarding Coronavirus

Ontario, CA–Ontario International Airport (ONT) is working closely with our federal, state, county and city partners to plan for the possibility of a flight carrying U.S. government officials and private citizens returning this week from Wuhan, China.

Ontario International is an official repatriation center for the West Coast and has conducted extensive training in managing situations such as this. In the event that the returning passengers do arrive at ONT, preparations are being made to ensure that proper health, safety and security procedures are followed.

In coordination with our state partners, we are aware that the Medical and Health Coordination Center (MHCC) at the state Department of Public Health in Sacramento has been activated. The MHCC is coordinating with all state health agencies and emergency services.

The airport will proceed under normal operations during this period. The safety and security of our facilities are of utmost importance to ONT, and we are taking whatever steps are necessary to minimize the risk to our customers, our staff and the community at large.

For updates and additional information, please contact the California Office of Emergency Services: (916) 800-3943 or media@caloes.ca.gov.