Golden Dragon Championship ( TemptOne ) Tournament Kicks Off in Los Angeles

Los Angeles – Golden Dragon Championships (TemptOne) Tournament kicked off on Nov. 2nd in Los Angeles . It is to promote Chinese culture and raise funds for the benefit of TampOne ALS foundation.

This event is Organized by the Chinese Traditional Martial Arts Federation, Sponsors are the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Big Token data app, Social Reality , Canton Food, Allied Pacific, LSG Las Tunas Capital, Diamond Furniture company and many supporters.

The Golden Dragon Championship continues the famous TemptOne Tournament competition. This tournament funding for help patients with “frozen disease” and their families.

Tempt One is a Chinese American outstanding graffiti artist. It should have been the same life as a normal person, but because of the “gradual freezing”, this heavy burden fell on his family. The competition has been held for ten consecutive years, all income is donated to the ALS Charity Foundation and other charitable foundations.

The Traditional Chinese Martial Arts (TCMA) Federation maintains a traditional Chinese martial arts programs to develop higher aspiration, wisdom, discipline, and respect.

For 4000 years, Chinese Tradition Martial Art has been an important part of the Chinese Culture. The Chinese martial arts came to the US with Chinese immigrants in the 19th century. When the Chinese martial arts first came to America, they were only taught within Chinese communities through the social organizations.

In 1946, Bruce Lee opened his Martial Art studio in LA Chinatown and brought Chinese Martial Arts in a new level. Later years Bruce lee was appointed as the Grand Marshall in the Golden Dragon Parade that organized by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

The Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles (CCCLA) is a non profit organization that has been leading and serving the business community since 1898. C promotes the interests of our member companies by encouraging trade, business growth and new opportunities. We establish scholarships –supported by prominent Chinese American leaders, for the benefit of the next generation of leaders – across a variety of disciplines in education, business and entrepreneurship, healthcare, and social justice. Through these programs, we can enhance our social and economic influence within the greater community at large, and provide a platform for Chinese American businesses to flourish and to build a better tomorrow for our generations to come. (Text & image By Organizer)