Mayor Garcetti Convenes Inaugural Meeting of Youth Council for Climate Action

LOS ANGELES—Mayor Eric Garcetti on Friday joined his newly formed Youth Council for Climate Action at its first official meeting at City Hall.

The council members — 16 Angelenos between the ages of 16 and 22, comprised of students from LAUSD, the L.A. Community College District, and local universities — laid out their plans and objectives for the year ahead to help influence decisions and raise awareness around climate action, encourage more young people to get involved, and eventually kick off a coordinated campaign with the Mayor’s Office to address climate change.

photo : Mayor office

At the conclusion of the meeting, members of the council issued the following statement:

“We are here to listen to each other’s stories, and learn from each other’s diverse perspectives. Our job is to fight environmental inequality; make structural change in our City; appeal to people in positions of authority; and gather tools to take back to our communities so we can mobilize and organize our peers.

We believe that climate change is everyone’s problem, and that we cannot take life on earth for granted.”