Feng Xiaomu Kicks off His Photography Exhibition World Tour in Los Angeles

By Staff Reporter

Los Angeles—Feng Xiaomu, a well-known Chinese photographer, kicked off his photography exhibition world tour titled Poetry for the Journey today in Los Angeles.

Feng Xiaomu kicks off his photography exhibition world tour in Los Angeles (by Keyang Pang)

The exhibition featured 70 works Feng created over the last eight years ranging from animals, landscapes to people.  Dozens of local artists, community leaders and elected officials participated in the unveiling ceremony commending Feng on his photographic achievements.

Feng used to be a photographer for Chinese leaders, and covered such significant events as China’s first manned spaceflight and the 2008 Olympic torch relay at Everest.

As a member of China Wildlife Conservation Association, he travels around the world each year to take pictures of endangered animals.

Feng determines to focus his time and energy to record each and every beautiful moment of animals after witnessing elephant poaching in Africa.  And he intends to use his photographic works to raise people’s awareness of the cruelty of ivory trading.