Los Angeles County Modernizes Online Property Tax Portal

LOS ANGELES, CA – The County of Los Angeles Assessor, Auditor-Controller, Treasurer and Tax Collector, and Assessment Appeals Board, which administer the property tax process, launched a redesign of the Property Tax Portal today, making it increasingly convenient to access services and make payments.
The improved portal, which can be accessed at www.lacountypropertytax.com, is a collaborative effort between the four Departments and offers an enhanced user experience.
“It is our duty as public servants to ensure the best possible service for constituents,” said Assessor Jeffrey Prang. “With several departments involved in the property tax process at the County level alone, taxpayers should not be left toguess where to direct inquiries. This improved portal presents a landmark change in a series of improvements to our online tools, providing a single point of contact in nine languages.”
In addition to offering multilingual services, the redesigned portal includes easy-to-navigate features as well as educational tools that will assist constituents in better grasping the property tax process.
“Given the complexity of the property tax process and the number of governmental departments involved, cross-departmental collaboration is essential to providing streamlined customer service,” said Arlene Barrera, acting Auditor-Controller. Public and employee input are among the driving forces behind the redesign of the tax portal, which is visited more than three million times annually.
“This tax portal responds to constituent needs by consolidating onto the main page the services most requested by taxpayers, highlighting self-service options, and optimizing use for the device of choice, whether that is a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone,” said Joseph Kelly, Treasurer and Tax Collector.
Celia Zavala, Executive Officer of the Board of Supervisors, which oversees the Assessment Appeals Board, said, “This dynamic portal is one of many strategic initiatives designed to help us achieve our Department’s long-term goals, including continued enhancement of constituent services to the wide and diverse demographics of LA County.”