MODS Museum Of Dream Space Grand Opening In Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Museum of Dream Space (MODS), the first museum mainly exhibiting digital art in the United States, announces the grand opening of its Los Angeles location at the newly reimagined Beverly Center.

MODS is a new media art gallery presented by Dahoo, a tech and design company focusing on the technological development of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, and Extended Reality. Dahoo is dedicated to the research and development of integrating technology and art.

By Jennifer Liu

MODS offers visitors an immersive, magical and unique art experience that aims to break the limitation of physical media through digital technology. MODS provides a splendid art journey inspired by the development of digital technology that releases expression from substance and creates an existence with the possibility for transformation.

By Jennifer liu

Before digital technology, information and artistic expression had to be presented through static media and physical objects such as canvas and paint. The advent of digital technology releases human expression from these physical constraints, enabling it to exist independently and dynamically.

Exhibition Introduce

Golden Heaven – This room is painting in gold color to highlight the glittering interior. The combination of celling in matt gold covering and ground surface perfectly match with the irregular diamond shaped wall which bring sparkling visual effects to anyone visiting the room. Inspiration for Gold heaven: Gold is a theme colors of the museum. As the first room of the museum, we want to create a stunning open for every visitor. We hope this first room will increase visitor’s excitement as well as welcome them into our “dream spaces”.

By Jennifer liu

Season Dream – The use of digital art creates a vivid surrounding of four seasons. Visitors can enjoy the natural scenes which is hard to find in the great nature. “Water” is another important figure in this exhibition, also as the key element to present the changes of four seasons. Along with the rippling sound of water, the room brings a best experience to enjoy and relax.

Bubble Space – This is an extension of digital art and participatory art. Bulbs are designed in different sizes and shapes with the remote device at two ends of the exhibition. The colors of exhibition would be changed by visitor blowing the remote devices. By participating into the exhibition, visitors become the part of the art. The presence of the color and the shape of the exhibition bring timeless and relaxing experiences to the visitors. Visitors may can sit down to enjoy the exhibition.

By Jennifer liu

Cloud Atlas – This is a 3D light tunnel. The design of the light creates magical experience when visitors walk in the tunnel.

Infinity Dream – This room combines the digital art with mirror installations. Through a deep tunnel of light and shadow, visitor can see an endless tunnel in the room. It creates the sense of philosophy as well as match the design ideas of simple and self-exploration.

Treasure Galaxy – The room of colorful light bulbs inspired by the eastern culture. The light bulbs gradually changing color in every second with the reflection from the mirror walls create an image of galaxy view in the room. Visitors will have the new experiences every time they walk into the room.

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