Eco Air Boosts HVAC Energy Efficiency and Comfort in California

Van Nuys, CA—Eco Air, headquartered in Pasadena, California, held its inaugural press conference and business luncheon today at Galpin Jaguar in Van Nuys, the site of its very first Digicontrol HVAC control system installed in the United States.

By Richard Ge

Eco Air, the exclusive provider of Digicontrol system in the United States, is committed to delivering energy solution for HVAC, lighting, solar power, and energy storage for commercial buildings, public sector facilities, and more.

Eco Air CFO Amanda Tang (By Richard Ge)

Digicontrol HVAC automation system has been installed in thousands of facilities across Europe and the Middle East.  With a high-performance IT grade processor, real-time operating system and enough RAM, Digicontrol delivers ample processing power to handle large data volume in real time consistently.

Eco Air COO Bryan Colbert (By Jennifer Liu)

“This technology provides 25% to 40% energy savings on large rooftop HVAC package units, which is roughly 25% greater than existing HVAC control solutions in the United States,” said Bryan Colbert, COO of Eco Air.  “Testing at the Galpin Jaguar installation has shown a 33% energy reduction.”

This is significant as utility companies continue to push their customers to reduce overall kW demand.  More than $193 million in utility costs and more than 1 million tons of carbon dioxide can be saved as a result of 10 percent energy reduction.

Manfred Horstmann (By Jennifer Liu)