California Poised to Create the Largest Single Purchaser for Prescription Drugs

Sacramento–In his first act as California’s 40th Governor, Governor Gavin Newsom announced a series of major, first-in-the-nation executive actions and budget proposals to lower prescription drug and health care costs for all California families and move California closer to the goal of health care for all.

Newsom’s health care proposals are a central pillar of his broader “California for All” agenda.

Today Newsom signed first-in-the-nation executive order that creates the nation’s biggest single-purchaser system for drugs and will allow all Californians – including private employers — to sit together at the bargaining table across from big drug companies when negotiating prescription drug prices.

In his first budget, he will propose expanding financial help that makes it cheaper for families and individuals to buy health coverage and reinforce the Affordable Care Act.

Newsom’s proposal would also bring the state closer toward the goal of health care for all by making it the first state in history to expand Medi-Cal coverage to all eligible undocumented young adults.

He also signed an executive order to establish a California Surgeon General who will be tasked with addressing the root causes of California health challenges and inequities.