Bitglobal Eyes a Unique ICO Business Model

Beijing– Current ICOs are essentially crowdfunding conducted by start-up blockchain companies. Developers develop currencies. And a series of new currencies will then be distributed to investors. Usually, the only chance for returns depends upon the rise of the value of alternative currencies. For example, Bitcoin value has soared 410% over the last year, while Ethereum 4,000%. A lot of investors were attracted to the market, and enthusiastically participated in various ICOs.

The reason investors are so fanatic is that the prices of alternative currencies will go up once the platforms are launched, and investors will profit. As a matter of fact, no capital flows into the alternative currency ecosystem in many cases, and thus no business value will be created. As a result, the value of majority alternative currencies will not rise.

Bitglobal, a to-be-launched start-up cryptocurrency trading platform, provides an efficient way to solve this problem, and increase the value of alternative currencies.

Bitglobal, as an experienced start-up company of trading platform, will launch Global Coin (GBC) with 100% public offering and the amount of 10 million. Most importantly, the start-up team will not possess GBC.

Bitglobal accepts BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC, ZEC, Dash and other alternative currencies. The raised capital will be used for brand building and promotion, platform operation, research and development, and blockchain welfare fund.

Different from other ICO, Bitglobal provides a brand new business model for increasing the value of alternative currency, which is not dependent upon illusory consumer confidence.

Platform trading profits create a brand new ICO alternative currency value increase model

Once launched, Bitglobal will use 50% profit from each transaction to buy back GBCs in full price in a timely manner, until all GBCs issued during ICO are bought back. To some extent, the continuous rise of the value of alternative currency directly reflects the good performance of the trading platform. It is similar to the stock buyback model, by which the stock market can be efficiently maintained, and the profit level and price of each stock will be increase. As far as the alternative currency market is concerned, this model represents a “traditional concept”, which is more conducive to the value increase, and chapter a new way of business. It is believed that more and more ICOs will borrow this model.

In addition, this ICO model based on “the traditional concept” will boost the mouth-to-mouth communications between and among users. Existing users, after profited, will surely bring in new users to the Bitglobal ICO. Both existing and new users will benefit. It is expected that more and more users will value GBC and possess GBC in the coming months. And the user base of Bitglobal will soon take shape.

More values of ICO alternative currency will be exposed—the value of users’ assets will be maintained and increased.

To maximize the value of ICO alternative currency, Bitglobal will connect the free trading between cryptocurrency and gold for the first time in the world.

Before launching the trade between gold and digital currency, Bitglobal will initiate golden VIP exclusive exchange mechanism. High-end users can become a member after purchasing a certain amount of GBC. The members of this mechanism may freely conduct transactions between gold and cryptocurrency.

Users can choose gold exchange rate or cryptocurrency price to actualize their assets. It is well known that the exaggerated price rise of cryptocurrency scares away many investors, and attracts many of them at the same time. Through the above measure, Bitglobal can efficiently maintain and increase the value of its users’ assets. No matter how the price of cryptocurrency may fluctuate, users’ assets will never depreciate.

In addition, Bitglobal will partner with third-party banks, insurance companies and bank securities to provide long-term safe gold deposit services for its users.

Through golden VIP exclusive exchange mechanism, Bitglobal allows its users to conduct anonymous gold spot transactions. This new model will have the attention of more and more gold investors.

The reason ICO attracts many investors is that they can use the decentralization and smart contract feature of cryptocurrency to achieve their capital raising goal which otherwise cannot be achieved. However, all future ICO has to carefully consider how to guarantee the appreciation of the alternative currency, and how to maintain its value in a long term. Perhaps “the new model and methodology” of Bitglobal will bring in more thoughts and ideas in this regard. (By Bitglobal)