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Los Angeles — CAcafe’s Coconut Coffee and Tea series was invented by the famed medical doctor, Dr. Chao. The ingredients of the series were diligently hand-picked by Dr. Chao based on the special properties of the ingredients and the suggested daily intake of sugar for the average person. Thus, you and your family can consume not just a delicious product but also simultaneously enjoy the health benefits that come from the intrinsic properties of the coconut, coffee, tea, and cane sugar that make the drink.


At CAcafe, where every product is made here in the U.S.A., we’ve combined natural, healthy, rejuvenating coconut with the best coffee, tea, and cocoa available. The taste is incredible and the health benefits amazing; revolutionary; innovative. Our products are gourmet superfoods that brew together good health and delicious flavor. Our coconut beverages mean a new beginning–a new lifestyle, the CAcafe way!

Hair loss! I strongly recommend coconut Coffee!

“So back in March I took a trip to Costco and came across CAcafe Coconut Coffee. I started reading the container and it had some good stuff. What stood out to me was the fact that it was made with Real Coconut and the only thing you add is water, so I decided to take one home.

When I got home I grabbed a mug, poured some water in it and put it in the microwave for about 2 minutes. Once it was done I put 2 tablespoons of CAcafe Coconut Coffee, stirred it, waited until it cooled down a bit and let me tell you I was HOOKED! It was like love at first taste LOL.


Besides the fact that it was DELICIOUS I didn’t get that nasty after taste that I usually get when I taste my mom’s coffee. In April, I started noticing that my skin was more radiant, my nails didn’t look brittle and my hair wasn’t falling out and it was looking so healthy. I was so happy, but I was confused because I didn’t know why this was happening. Then I remembered that I had been drinking the CAcafe Coconut Coffee! So I ran to Costco and Purchased 3 more. I was so happy because my whole life I’ve struggled with hair loss, and had tried everything but nothing worked. This coffee improved my skin, nails and I no longer suffer from hair loss.”
-Bella Moore, Beauty Blogger

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