Daily Headline: Justice Department Sues Ferguson After City Amends Police Reform Deal

Justice Department Sues Ferguson After City Amends Police Reform Deal

The U.S. Department of Justice is suing the city of Ferguson, Mo., for unjust policing that violates the civil and constitutional rights of citizens, Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced Wednesday.

The lawsuit came one day after the Ferguson City Council voted to change a proposed consent decree to reform the police and courts. The council said the package, which had been negotiated between the DOJ and city officials, cost too much. (NPR)

Sheriff’s Deputy Accidentally Shoots Self While Chasing 2 Suspects In Wilmington

A sheriff’s deputy accidentally discharged his weapon Wednesday while chasing a man and woman who drove in a stolen vehicle. During the pursuit, a deputy accidentally fired a round from his gun, which subsequently struck his left calf. A woman was arrested at the scene. Authorities said a Hispanic man, the driver of the stolen vehicle, remains at large.(CBS)

Hero teens stop out-of-control bus after driver becomes unresponsive

Two quick-thinking students at Somerset Vo-Tech averted a potential tragedy Wednesday morning on one of the busiest highways in Central Jersey.

While driving the students from North Plainfield, N.J. to the school in Bridgewater, the bus driver suffered an apparent medical emergency and became unresponsive. The students started shouting that he had missed the turnoff to the school.

The bus continued on Route 22, swerving until it finally slowed at a red light two miles past the campus.

That’s when Gavin Costello, 15, and Angelo Medina, 18, went into action. The North Plainfield residents who attend the school full time approached the bus driver, took his keys and opened the door to let the students out.(USA Today)

California solar industry job growth reaches record levels

California led a record-breaking year for solar power in 2015 that included the addition of more than 20,000 new jobs within the state — more than half of the positions the industry created nationwide, according to a new report.

The California Solar Jobs Census report released Wednesday found that roughly one out of three employees in the solar industry works in California.

By the end of 2015, that total number of solar workers in the state exceeded 75,000. That’s more than all jobs held at state’s five largest utility companies combined, according to the California Solar Energy Industries Assn. (LA Times)